Whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your own creative journey, there is one thing we all need to do the creative work we want: CONFIDENCE.

Join Brie for a 45 min. live presentation to hear some of her personal creative struggles/successes as she teaches you how to create more confidence in your creative life.

She'll take you on a journey through 6 ways YOU can create confidence right now!

Q&A to follow.

*Replay will be available for 14 days to registered guests only*

A Live Interactive Webinar

Journey to Creative Confidence

Presented by Brie Stockwell


    Thursday December 08 , 2022

    At 07:30 PM CST

    Live Webinar Session has ended now.

Why creating more CONFIDENCE is so crucial to your creative work:

Being able to confidently overcome your failures will keep you moving forward with increased creativity.

Ditching self-doubt will give you greater momentum to
accomplish your creative goals & dreams

Having the confidence to see what you're doing right MOTIVATES you to see more future creative possiblities.

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Photographer, musician, and lifelong creative, Brie Stockwell gets to be a mom of 4 awesome, adult kids and her husband's best friend.  She loves living in Texas AND has a passion for exploring and soaking in the beauty of the desert.

In 2020, as a beginning photographer, Brie set a goal to spend the year learning exponentially and then, at the end, host her first solo exhibition in her home. That journey was the catalyst for personal growth and the desire to help others through their own creative journeys.  Now as a certified life coach, she helps creatives of all types achieve their own dreams with less stress, confidence and tons more fun!

Her successes include finally figuring out how to work a camera, becoming a co-host of the podcast "A Creative Affair" and seeing her work published in New Mexico magazine, Len's Journal and more.

Brie believes that confidence isn't something you're born with,
it's something you create!