Bring a Passion Project to Life!

Join Len Metcalf & Brie Stockwell, the hosts of "A Creative Affair" Podcast, for a FREE live webinar to learn
the real-life HOW of bringing passion projects to life.

As mentors and creatives they'll share:

  • Personal projects examples including a book and exhibition
  • HOW they took their projects from start to finish
  • The internal and external obstacles
  • How the experienced changed their vision for future projects
  • How YOU can apply this to finishing your own passion projects

Presentation will be followed by live chat and
project brainstorming session

"A Creative Affair" Live Webinar

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  • TUE
    24 JAN
  • 07:00 PM
24 January 2023 Tuesday, 07:00 PM CST

Live Webinar Session has ended now.

Len Metcalf

Creative Educator

Len is the founder and head teacher of Lens School. Len is renowned for his exquisite photographs and supportive, gentle teaching style. His broad experience both as an art educator and photographer makes him an ideal mentor as you develop your own photography.

Brie Stockwell

Creative & Coach

Brie is a certified mindset & confidence coach for creatives. In 2021 she completed a personal passion project of hosting a solo exhibition after her first year of photography. Brie has a contagious, creative energy that makes her a wonderful mentor!