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Sticky Note Challenge 2024

The NEW way to NEW Beliefs


Hey! I'm Brie, photographer, creative coach
& creator of the Sticky Note Method.
I'm SOOOO excited to FINALLY share this fun, easy way
to shift out of limiting beliefs so you can accomplish ANYTHING your amazing brain dreams up.

Join the Sticky Note Challenge
and jumpstart your 2024!

Your experience:
  • Make new beliefs "stick" at the cellular level and have fun doing it!
  • Ditch frustration and confusion with positive affirmations. Create beliefs that are EXACTLY what you need for WHAT you want to do and WHO you want to be.
  • Create positive momentum on your goals from Day 1. No waiting around before taking action!
  • Learn the Sticky Note Method with downloadable materials that are yours forever. You'll be guided on how to identify limiting beliefs and the easy process to create new beliefs that move you forward.
  • Get personalized help and learn from others in online group sessions.
  • Time Commitment: a few minutes a day + group zoom calls
  • Weekly challenges to keep you moving forward. 
  • Access a pop-up, private Facebook group for the duration of the challenge. Get coached, share successes, and get support from peers.
  • Meet for 60-ish minutes: Sticky Note Method training, Q&A and individual coaching all hosted on zoom.
  • 4 Group sessions: Tues. Jan. 9, 16, 23, 30 at 7 pm CST. Replays will be available in case you can’t make a session or 2. 
  • Investment in knowing HOW to create NEW beliefs ANYTIME!: $47 USD

This challenge is for you if...

You're ready to DITCH

Positive Affirmations 

You want new beliefs that are specifically tailored to YOU!
When you customize what you WANT to believe about yourself, you have more efficient forward momentum.

You want LESS


If you want to feel stuck less and DO more, it all starts with your beliefs. Believing NEW things about you keeps you out of procrastination more often.

You want to FINALLY 

finish  Goals

Creating intentional beliefs about your abilities will help you jumpstart your goals. AND, you'll have the self-trust you need to keep you moving forward to the
finish line.

You just WANT to

feel better

Ditching old beliefs that keep you feeling terrible about yourself will free you from the emotional drag they create.
You'll feel lighter and ready for new opportunities!

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